The Old Lady on the River-Fishing Tales in Alaska


Fishing in Alaska is boisterous and fat, just like the state. It’s full of adventure, extremes, danger, comedy, and growth. When I first moved here, I wasn’t really into fishing. My version of fishing consisted of bait, tackle, a crappy boat on a lake, usually in the deep south. I don’t recall going much, but my Uncle Leo was known for getting out there. I also don’t ever recall my dad going fishing. Ever. Not his thing. Not sure why-maybe it’s for the same reasons he isn’t a mechanic. Maybe the adventure wasn’t his style. Maybe it was about the patience required. It wasn’t my thing either as I never had any exciting experiences when it came to fishing. But, that was before I went fishing on a river.

Upon moving here, I met loads of people who loved to fish and I began to experiment. When it came to…

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